How does study enrollment work?

Study Participation

Enrolling in the study takes less than one hour.

As a thank you for time and effort, a gift card is given to new study participants following enrollment.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a study participant* please leave your contact information. We will contact you within 2 working days to answer your questions.

*Seeking information about this research study does not obligate you to participate.

Study Criteria

To enroll in this research study a person must meet at least one of the following criteria: 

Diagnosed with breast cancer at ≤ 50 years of age; or

Diagnosed with breast cancer at any age with:

- Multiple primary breast cancers or
-  ≥ 1 (first, second, or third-degree) blood       relative with ovarian, pancreatic, or                 prostate cancer at any age; or   
-  ≥ 3 breast cancer diagnoses in a patient     or (first, second, third-degree) blood               relatives; or

 Family history:

 ≥ 1 close blood relative with ANY of the following:
     - breast cancer at ≤50 years of age
     - male breast cancer
     -ovarian cancer
     - pancreatic cancer
     -  high-grade prostate cancer

Diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer at ANY age ; or

Male breast cancer diagnosed at any age.

I have had clinical gene screening

Should I participate in this research study?

Positive test

Anyone who has received a positive genetic screening result for a breast cancer mutation can participate in the study whether diagnosed with breast cancer or not.

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Negative test

If you fit the study criteria and have received a negative genetic screening result we need your help!  By enrolling in our study you will help us on our mission to find new breast cancer genes.

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Family Studies

One or more of my family members fit the study criteria. We would like to enroll as a family.

Benefits and Risks