How does study enrollment work?

Becoming a Study Participant

If interested in enrolling in the study,  a person will be given a choice to schedule a virtual or in-person enrollment session.

Virtual Enrollment Session

An enrollment package is mailed containing consent forms and saliva test kits for genetic screening. Once received, an appointment is made to complete the consent process using the Auburn University secure HIPAA Compliant Zoom video conferencing tool. This process can be done using a smartphone or computer, all from the comfort of home! Our team members will help through all the steps, including saliva sample collection and how to return the enrollment package.

In-person Enrollment Session

If videoconferencing is not preferred, the research team can travel to the study participant for the enrollment session using the Gene Machine, the study recruitment bus. The location will be at their home or another agreed-upon meeting place. In-person sessions typically involve collecting blood samples for genetic screening. A saliva sample can be obtained when a blood sample donation is not possible.

Do I fit the study?